Technology In Corporations and Businesses

Have you ever found yourself in a department store, with music playing overhead and found yourself distracted by the terrible sound quality? Have you ever walked into a boardroom only to have the conference call cut out while in the middle of a high stakes meeting? We can help with that! Whether it's a department store, office building, or athletic gym. Quality equipment mixed with education and training can improve your customer experience significantly. Sometimes it takes an outside party to identify problem areas and help get the ball rolling in the right direction. The staff at Bates Integrations would love the opportunity to talk with you about your specific situation and the best ways to get there!  

Complete System Design

Whether an Audio, Video or Lighting System upgrade or a completely new system, we can walk through the decision making process with you.

Board Room Integrations

Pro conference calling, video projections and video conferencing are all a part of our Corporate services. We can help you find the most reliable equipment and networking options so that you don't have to stress about another dropped call. 

Equipment Recommendation 

Purchasing gear is an investment in your business, employees, and customers. We can help by making a recommendation you can stand behind. 

Security Systems

Whether it be asset protection or safety, security should be a priority in any corporate office or workplace and we would love to help you find the best security setup to meet your needs.